Pie Throw

  • Tuesday, May 11, 2021

  • TBD

  • TBD

Pie Throw is back! Mining for Miracles is pivoting and holding our first-ever Pie Throw: Virtual Edition! We are thrilled to hold our flagship event for Mining for Miracles once again and we can’t wait to share what’s in store for this year.

Pie Throw is the B.C. mining industry’s signature event in support of BC kids. Each year, leaders from across the industry are paired in a friendly fundraising competition. Whoever raises the most funds earns the right to publicly pie their competitor, with their family, friends and business networks bearing witness. Most years, Pie Throw raises well in excess of $1 million for BC Children’s.

This year, we are excited at the prospect of reaching an even broader audience with a virtual campaign, as Pie Throw has previously been a live public event on the north plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery. The pre-taped videos of the pie throws will be streamed online over three excitement-building days from Tuesday, May 25 to Thursday, May 27 before the grand fundraising total is announced.

100% of funds raised go to support BC Children’s Hospital – there is no overhead. In 2021, we are raising funds for the Cellular and Regenerative Medicine Centre (CRMC) as part of our three-year, $3.385 million commitment. This remarkable initiative, the first of its kind in Western Canada, will:

  • Give clinicians at BC Children’s the tools to better understand the genetic cause of heart arrhythmias so they can provide the best possible care to          children in BC.
  • Result in improved diagnoses, identification of optimal treatments, and potentially, cures—improving and saving the lives of children across the province    and beyond.
  • * Learn more about the CRMC funding initiative!


Since 1988, Mining for Miracles has raised more than $33 million in areas of critical need at the BC Children’s Hospital with Pie Throw contributing more than $16 million to that total. Through its support of the construction of facilities and acquisition of specialized medical equipment at the hospital, Mining for Miracles is helping to keep BC Children’s Hospital at the forefront of pediatric care excellence.

Thank you for your support with Mining for Miracles. We are looking forward to another successful campaign year!